Women in the Air Force with Eating Disorders

Women in the Air Force with Eating DisordersDue to multiple factors, women in the Air Force have a higher risk for developing eating disorders than other women. Women in the military struggle with the following:

  • Feeling more dissatisfaction for their weight and body image than other women
  • Feeling more pressure about their weight than other women
  • Having a greater drive to achieve thinness and fitness
  • Being more susceptible to abnormal eating behavior and situational eating disorders

Because of these reasons, women in the Air Force may be tempted to abuse food. However, these soldiers can beat these problems with the right help.

Why Are Eating Disorders Common among Women in the Air Force?

Women in the air force tend to feel additional pressure to compete with their male colleagues. Sexual discrimination and gender stigmas are found everywhere, even in the military, which urge many women to work harder to be seen as equally valuable. Maintaining peak physical fitness and strength is a core component of the Air Force, and this can cause women to great lengths to remain competitive. These women soldiers face similar challenges as female athletes: the need to perform and compete urges women to strive for physical perfection to allow for optimal performance.

In addition, regular weigh-ins and physical assessments are part of the military life. Women may feel constantly judged based on their ability to meet standard physical requirements. Therefore, to avoid embarrassment or shame, they may exercise excessively, develop abnormal eating behaviors, starve themselves, purge food and other tactics to remain in superb shape.

Women in the Air Force face the same societal challenges as civilian women when it comes to body image and appearance. Unfortunately, many women base their self-worth and self-esteem on their physical appearance. On the other hand, attempting to be accepted by and attractive to others can influence how a woman feels about herself. Because of this, some women try countless tactics for changing or improving her physical features: losing weight, cosmetic surgery, teeth whitening, tanning, putting on makeup, buying stylish clothes and accessories and so forth. Women in the Air Force face these challenges to fit the prototypical image of beauty, and even more pressure to meet the expectations for a military body type.

Eating Disorder Help for Women in the Air Force

If you need treatment for an eating disorder, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our professional recovery staff is available 24 hours a day to answer all of your questions and provide the information you need to find help. Our recovery professionals can discuss all of your options for treatment while connecting women in the air force with personalized rehab centers. To learn more about how we can help you with your eating disorder, please call and speak with a recovery professional today.