Why It’s Important to Realize that Addicted People Are Wounded People

Why It’s Important to Realize that Addicted People Are Wounded People

To offer the best help possible, understand that addicts have unseen wounds that need treatment

Despite one’s actions, it is important to understand that there are reasons behind destructive behavior. An addict may lash out and engage in inappropriate behaviors when under the influence of a substance, but those behaviors may have been caused by a traumatic event.

Underneath Addiction Are Deep Wounds

Even though addicts may hurt many people while they abuse drugs, they still have wounds that probably sparked drug abuse. It is important to remember that addicts have deep wounds for the following reasons:

  • Physical and mental
  • Traumatic event
  • New conditions

Addiction causes scars, both physically and mentally, and both instances need to be fully treated. This kind of treatment requires adequate time for healing, and the amount of time it takes will vary from person to person. Furthermore, an addiction may have sparked from a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one, a divorce or the diagnosis of a serious health condition. If left untreated, these traumatic events will plague people, which may cause relapse if addicts only address drug abuse. Lastly, addiction can cause new medical conditions, like mental health issues, which will also require treatment and healing. Addiction can wreak havoc on someone’s mental, physical and spiritual life, which will continually remind people of events that worsen addiction.

How Seeing Addiction as an Illness Changes Views of Addiction

If you know that addiction is an illness, then you will understand that, in spite of an addict’s behavior, she needs time to heal. This understanding can change how you view addiction in the following ways:

  • More open
  • Helps explain certain behaviors
  • Acceptance

When people are unfamiliar with the situation or even the reason behind someone’s behavior, they become closed off to those people. However, if you understand that your loved one has wounds that she must address, then you may be willing to help her in spite of her actions. This view warms you to the idea of recovery, which explores the reasons behind an addict’s behaviors. This treatment approach may eventually lead you to acceptance; you do not have to forget an addict’s behaviors, but it is important for both her success and your health to move past pain.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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