Why Finding Funding for Treatment Is Worth It

Why Finding Funding for Treatment Is Worth It

Having the funding for treatment allows you to focus on finding a sober lifestyle

The struggle associated with finding funding for any type of addiction or mental health treatment can be frustrating and discouraging, but there are financial, emotional and social reasons to push forward despite the aggravation that it sometimes causes and identify any and all funding sources.

Let’s Start With a Few Facts About Treatment

Before trying to defend the reason that finding funding for treatment is worth it, it is important to give a few about treatment, its results and the associated costs of it.

  • Over $600 million is spent annually on treatment in America.
  • Every dollar spent on treatment reduces costs in the judicial system by $4 – $7. Not that you are considering a life of crime, but this statistic shows that treatment improves lives.
  • Research estimates that treatment costs between $5,000 and $24,000 per month depending upon the specifics of the treatment center and approach.
  • Individuals entering treatment are not guaranteed to successfully navigate the path to a sober life but are 37 percent more likely to be sober 90 days after treatment ends.

Stated differently, treatment is expensive on a personal level and a national level, but treatment works. This is the key conflict: It is a process that has proven to be effective but seems unreachably costly worth the effort.

Finding Funding Allows a Greater Focus During Treatment

Treatment is difficult enough without other, legitimate worries. In treatment, you are learning how to build your life on a new and sober foundation. This involves developing new habits, overcoming physical urges, avoiding trigger points, learning coping skills and many other things.

Having the stress and concern of managing the finances around these services will place an unhealthy burden upon you in the midst of treatment. Your mind will come up with thoughts about how you are not worth the cost of treatment or maybe how the money you are spending to get yourself right would be better spent on private school for your daughter. Having the funding for treatment addressed will prevent this train of thought from taking hold and allow you to focus on finding a sober lifestyle.

Family Strain Will Be Minimized

It would be foolish to say that finding funding will eliminate the family strain associated with treatment. There are so many variables that contribute to stress and anxiety in a family when treatment is involved. Unanswered questions like, “What if is works?” Or worse yet, “what if it doesn’t work?” Future considerations such as living arrangements after treatment is over have to be addressed at some point. Figuring out how to pay bills when there may be one less paycheck for the family can be daunting.

Adding in unresolved financial challenges related to treatment itself could often turn into resentment. It is vital for an individual in treatment to have as much support from friends and family, and this resentment can create a barrier to that support. Taking the time on the front end to locate funding, identify what the gap is between the funding and the true costs and put a payment plan together with the treatment center will minimize the risk of finances being a source of strain and aggravation between family members during the course of treatment.

Remember You Are Not Alone

The odds of overcoming an addiction with the support of treatment are far greater than when an individual tries to fight alone. Most don’t have the capacity to manage this chronic health condition without support.

While acting as though the cost is irrelevant is a silly and uniformed decision, the bottom line is that the many look at the cost of treatment as a reason that treatment is not an option for them. These individuals are asking the wrong question because they start with, “Can I afford it?” The right question to ask is, “What is my life—my clean, sober, unencumbered life—worth in dollars and cents?” There is no valid answer to this question because nobody can put a dollar value on a better quality of life.

The pricelessness of a life returned from the clutches of addiction is the fundamental reason that finding funding is worth it. Treatment is not inexpensive, and it can feel like a hurdle that cannot be overcome. However, compared with the cost of a life lost to addiction, the efforts are worth every moment.

Knowing where to start and how to proceed can be daunting or overwhelming. The good news is that you have support available to you. We can help you. We can answer your questions. The admissions counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you learn more about your addiction and provide several options that will potentially lead to funding for treatment. They can help you find your way. Please call now.