The Mindset behind Anorexia

The Mindset behind AnorexiaAnorexia is a debilitating mental health condition that can have lasting and even life-threatening effects. There are many misconceptions about anorexia nervosa, and one of these is the belief that it is only about physical appearance. Anorexia nervosa goes deeper than simply wanting to look good in a pair of jeans.

Overcoming the Anorexia Mindset

To understand anorexia you need to remove the misconception and preconception that this mental disorder is entirely about the need to be thin. The following are a few of the other factors that contribute to eating disorders:

  • A strong desire to feel in control of one aspect of a life that is difficult or out of control, or a need to feel in control of a life that is controlled by others
  • A strong desire to be perfect
  • Past emotional abuse or negative comments about image from others
  • Depression can lead individuals to believe that there is no need to continue eating, or they may get too wrapped up in their depression to remember to eat much
  • Dancers, performers and athletes are often under great pressure to lose weight so that they can attain levels of unrealistic and perceived perfection

Helping an Anorexic Loved One

If someone that you love is displaying clear anorexia signs such as extreme weight loss and an obsession with counting calories, it is important that you handle the situation carefully. Your loved one can definitely benefit from professional anorexia treatment, but those with anorexia nervosa can become defensive and emotional about their weight. You may consider arranging an anorexia intervention that is led by an experienced interventionist. An interventionist will be able to guide you and your loved ones through the intervention process. One part of the intervention may involve discussing the risks of anorexia. These risks include the following:

  • High risk of developing Type II diabetes
  • High risk of kidney and liver failure
  • High risk of heart muscle damage and heart failure
  • High risk of irreversible infertility
  • High risk of brain damage

A lowered immune system as the result of starvation puts an already fragile body at a much higher risk of developing illnesses that may turn the common cold into a life-threatening situation.

Getting Help for Anorexia

The sooner that you reach out for professional help, the sooner you can learn healthier methods of coping with the stresses and pressures. Call our toll-free anorexia helpline and speak to one of our experienced counselors. We are here to provide the answers to the questions you may have about anorexia, insurance coverage for anorexia treatment and the various forms of treatment for this complex mental health disorder.