The Importance of Fighting Addiction as a Whole

The Importance of Fighting Addiction as a Whole

Addiction is often a way of coping with underlying conditions that also need treatment

The process of recovery is more than just fighting addiction. All parts of your life must be changed because you will still face the same problems that led to your addiction. For example, if you started using drugs to numb painful emotions, once you stop using drugs those emotions will resurface.

Here are the following lifestyle changes you need to consider in recovery:

Relationships in your life will change

Various relationships with family members, your spouse, kids, friends and co-workers may lead you to be stressed. An individual with addiction will have to repair and restore various relationships. This will take time and healing.

Healthy living arrangements are essential

If an individual is an alcoholic but lives with someone who drinks in moderation, this could cause problems in the recovery process. If an individual has drug issues, it is important he not consume any alcohol as it will lower inhibitions and make it much easier to use drugs again.

Mental health must be considered in recovery

Conditions such as stress, loneliness, frustration, anger, shame, anxiety and hopelessness will remain in your life even when you’re no longer using addiction to cover them up. Addiction is often just a means of coping with underlying conditions that also needs treatment. Did you start your addiction in an attempt to numb painful emotions, calm yourself down after an argument, unwind after a bad day or forget about your problems?

Find activities that excite you

The attachment to some forms of addiction is often rooted in a need for excitement, joy or adventure. When you are in recovery, an individual must find other ways to fill these important parts of life. A hobby or other healthy activity can satisfy you and also help give you balance. Reflect and think about what you really enjoyed in your past and then do it.

Stay healthy both physically and mentally

This could mean doing yoga, meditating, running, playing basketball, journaling or many other activities. There is no one right answer for this. If you’re not sure what this looks like, get a trainer to help you get physically fit. As discipline slowly spreads throughout parts of your life, it will carry over to the rest.

As the entire person is treated, recovery can bring healing and renewal. This is not a quick process but rather a slow, intentional rebuilding and reshaping of emotions, activities and overall wellness.

For more tips on how to rebuild your life in a healthy way, call our toll free, 24-hour helpline. Our counselors will listen to your needs and offer practical advice to help you build a well-rounded life.