The Dangers of Alcohol and Anorexia

The Dangers of Alcohol and AnorexiaIt might seem paradoxical that people who struggle with anorexia may also struggle with alcohol abuse, as many alcoholic drinks (especially beer) hold a high calorie count. However, these two disorders often go hand-in-hand, as many people struggle with both problems simultaneously; in fact, many people who struggle with anorexia are predisposed to abusing alcohol as a means of calming their nerves when it comes time to avoid eating. In addition, people with anorexia might also drink to feel accepted by their peers, and social acceptance also motivates anorexia, so the two issues share reasons for developing and continuing. The problems is that these conditions are dangerous, so seek professional help if you struggle with these problems so that you can recover.

Dangers of Alcoholism and Anorexia

Combining alcoholism with anorexia is incredibly dangerous, because these conditions can produce a number of serious side effects on their own, let alone when combined. Some of the most common dangers associated with alcoholism and anorexia include the following examples:

  • Increased toxicity – Someone who is anorexic is not eating on a regular basis, if at all. As a result, when he abuses alcohol, he will get drunk more quickly than other people, and he runs the risk of alcohol poisoning. These problems occur because there is no food in the body to absorb the alcohol, which means alcohol has a quick, strong effect.
  • Gastrointestinal issues – Drinking on an empty stomach is incredibly dangerous not only because of the potential for toxicity, but also because it can cause nausea and an upset stomach. This can cause an anorexic individual to begin vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, causing her to lose even more fluids and grow even weaker than she was prior to drinking.
  • Extra liver damage – When someone is anorexic, he lacks the resources his body needs. As a result, his liver begins to take resources from other parts of the body, often destroying vital organs in the process. On top of this, when alcohol is thrown into the mix, considerable liver damage can result that leads to serious health risks.

Suffering from both alcoholism and anorexia can cause a number of serious dangers, such as increased toxicity, gastrointestinal issues and extra liver damage.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Anorexia and Alcohol Abuse

People with both anorexia and alcoholism can recover if they seek the right help. Dual Diagnosis treatment can address both problems at the same time, which makes for better chances of recovery. In this type of care, patients can withdraw from alcoholism while they also treat physical complications from anorexia. In addition, they can also receive behavioral therapy and strong aftercare options that will help keep them sober long after they leave rehab. In other words, you can restore your health if you seek professional care.

Treatment for Anorexia and Alcohol Abuse

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