How to Cope with Lack of Closure

How to Cope with Lack of Closure

It can be incredibly complicated to move forward from a situation if no closure is obtained

There are times in life when we walk away from a situation with little to no closure. In some cases, this might occur during a breakup or a divorce, while in other cases it might happen when abandonment or a violent crime occurs. Regardless of the situation and its severity, it can be incredibly complicated to move forward if no closure is obtained. This often leaves people to their own devices, and if they are not aware of the healthy ways to obtain closure, he or she might look for it in all the wrong places, such as through drugs, alcohol or eating disorders.

Above all else, it is important that you take time to grieve, whatever the situation was that has left you without closure. Grieving can be a daunting process, but it is critical that you continually work through that it healthily. You might go from denial to anger to sadness to acceptance, and all of that is normal. Letting yourself feel those emotions will help you begin to cope with the lack of closure.

In situations such as these, it can be helpful to take responsibility for yourself. You can do this by taking a personal inventory of yourself and your emotions, asking yourself things about what you are holding on to, what you are avoiding, are you willing to let go, what are your fears and more. Ensure that you are remaining honest during this time because it will help you to develop a clearer picture of the situation that will likely guide you to resolution.

As with most trying times, it is necessary to pull it together and find strength wherever you can. This might mean that you turn to your friends and family members for some additional support. You might also start focusing your thoughts on the silver linings or the positives of the situation. In addition, you might start making changes that will support a more positive life, allowing you to move on in a healthy manner.

Closure often comes from talking through emotions and feelings, and lacking that can be devastating. Therefore, you can do things such as talk with a therapist or a friend, or write in a journal. Find ways to express yourself even if you cannot do so to the person (or people) that hurt you and left you feeling this way. Getting it off your chest can make a world of a difference for you on a personal level.

It is important to find closure, and even though it might not be immediately presented to you, that doesn’t mean you can’t obtain it on your own. While it often takes more work, the results are satisfying and freeing.

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