How Do I Find a Nine-to-Five Job After Rehab?

How Do I Find a Nine-to-Five Job After Rehab?Finding a job after completing addiction rehabilitation can often be a difficult task to accomplish. Transitioning back into work can be a stressful experience that commonly results in a relapse, if the proper support systems are not in place. Many rehabs offer aftercare programs that place recovering addicts into jobs based on personal interests, strengths and abilities. Consider the following when trying to find a job after rehab:

  • Demanding and high stress jobs that have unrealistic expectations are often not conducive to addiction recovery
  • Some employers do not require employees to undergo drug testing which could attract drug users and create an environment that may not be beneficial to personal recovery
  • Jobs that are not personally interesting or have a lot of down time may trigger cravings for drug use
  • Finding a job with advancement opportunities is important to continuing along the path of recovery by not staying stagnant in one position for too long

Some addicts can have trouble finding an adequate job because they may be unequipped to make a proper resume or deal with certain questions during an interview. There are numerous vocational rehab services that offer interview training, proper resume designing and professional clothing to recovering addicts in need. Some programs offer extended training in order to qualify for better jobs as well as setting and meeting career goals.

Stable Jobs That May Help Recovering Addicts Stay Sober

Many addicts want to find a job with a normal nine-to-five schedule that allows them get into a normal routine. There are numerous types of jobs that commonly have nine-to-five schedules. Qualifying for these jobs often depends on experience and background. Some of the different types of jobs to consider applying for that typically offer nine-to-five schedules can include the following:

  • Clerical positions at a hospital or college that involve scheduling or billing
  • Administrative positions for small or large businesses that include organization and communication skills
  • Personal assistant positions that focus on appointment scheduling
  • Bank tellers for small or large corporate banks
  • Receptionists for large companies
  • Mail couriers for large offices

While higher up positions for large companies and businesses usually require a degree, lower level positions commonly do not require one. Maintaining a professional appearance, having a professional looking resume and being prepared to interview well is essential to acquiring a nine-to-five job. Having numerous avenues of personal support is also important when finding a job during addiction recovery. Utilizing 12-step meetings, counselors, friends and family members to offer on-going support and accountability can help in experiencing a more successful employment and long-term recovery.

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