Heroin Addiction and Anorexia

Heroin Addiction and AnorexiaThe connection between heroin addiction and anorexia is real, and if you abuse heroin you are putting yourself at a higher risk of developing an eating disorder. Both your heroin addiction and anorexia can be treated, but you must find a quality rehab center that will focus on integrated treatment for both issues. Battling heroin addiction is hard enough, but if your addiction is complicated by anorexia, recovery will require professional help. The chances of you recovering from anorexia and heroin addiction without help from trained addiction professionals are slim, but with help you can recover from both conditions.

The Connection between Heroin and Anorexia

The link between anorexia and heroin abuse is impossible to ignore. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) 35 percent of alcohol or drug users suffer from an eating disorder compared to only 3 percent of the general population. In the CASA report heroin is listed as a drug used as an appetite suppressant, as a way to increase metabolism and to self-medicate negative emotions. Many people miss the link between heroin abuse and anorexia, but if you abuse heroin you are putting yourself at an increased risk for anorexia.

Getting Treatment for Heroin Addiction and Anorexia

If you are suffering from heroin addiction and anorexia, you should consider Dual Diagnosis treatment. Dual Diagnosis treatment focuses on heroin addiction and any co-occurring issues such as anorexia. Dual Diagnosis focuses on any concerns that may be affecting you and your recovery, and the goal is to help you heal as a person. Dual Diagnosis treatment focuses on the whole individual physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. During Dual Diagnosis treatment you will learn how your heroin addiction relates to your anorexia, and you will learn how to manage and overcome both.

End Heroin Addiction and Anorexia

We want to talk to you about your treatment options and help you find an effective treatment program that will focus on both your heroin addiction and your anorexia. If you want to find out more about rehab or Dual Diagnosis treatment, call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day, so pick up the phone and call now, so that you can begin recovering today.