Heart Damage, Anorexia and Addiction

Heart Damage, Anorexia and AddictionAnorexia is a highly risky health issue, but when paired with addiction, the risks can become greater and even more dangerous. While many people suffer from both addiction and anorexia, anorexia can be a side effect of addiction, for some substances can decrease the appetite significantly. No matter how anorexia occurs, the co-occurring issues of anorexia and addiction can result in serious consequences and even death.

Anorexia and Addiction

Many users find themselves not only battling one addiction, but also another one at the same time. A patient looking to get help for one problem may find out that another problem also exists. Addiction patients who come to receive treatment also sometimes get treatment for anorexia, which may have been a result of their addiction. Dual Diagnosis treatment is the best solution for those who are suffering from co-occurring disorders.

How Addiction Can Cause Anorexia

Certain substances, such as cocaine or prescription pills, can prompt a major change in diet. Often times when these substances are abused, users notice a lack of appetite, making food unappealing to them. This can quickly cause anorexia, when users begin to starve themselves as a result of the changes in their diets.

Addiction itself, regardless of what the addiction is, is a type of behavior that prompts control issues and irrational decisions. Those who are battling an addiction and have low self-esteem may also begin to try to control their weight through poor management of their diet.

Heart Damage and Anorexia

As anorexia continues, the heart begins to slow down in its functions. One of the first things to occur is lowered blood pressure and heart rate. When blood pressure drops significantly, this impacts the way in which the heart operates. This is highly dangerous to a person who is battling both a drug addiction and anorexia since whatever substances the user is choosing to take may also have a negative impact on his or her heart.

The heart can go into failure as anorexia and addiction continue to occur. When the stress of both issues begins to impact the heart, the tissue around it can quickly become weakened and grow thin. This allows for damage to continually occur, leaving the heart vulnerable to failure.

Anorexia and addiction are both extremely complicated issues that can cause serious, life-threatening consequences to occur, such as heart damage. The longer that addiction and anorexia co-occur, the more likely it is for a user to experience this kind of heart damage and other medical problems.

Do You Suffer from Anorexia and Addiction?

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