Drug Abuse and Body Image Issues in Adult Women

Drug Abuse and Body Image Issues in Adult WomenA person’s body image refers to how the individual perceives, thinks and feels about his or her body.  In the United States, negative body image issues are well established in the female culture. The media and peer pressure are key catalysts that affect a woman’s body image.

When a woman is dissatisfied with her body, a wide range of physical and psychological consequences can result, including drug and alcohol abuse. Body image has a direct effect on a woman’s self-esteem, which dictates her overall self-value or self-worth. Poor body image can lower one’s self-confidence and self-respect. Women who lack self-esteem are overwhelmed with insecurities and other negative feelings, such as worthlessness, guilt, shame, anger, sadness, loneliness and despair. To cope with these painful emotions, many women attempt to numb their feelings with drugs or alcohol. These substances allow individuals to alter their mood, reduce their inhibitions and enhance their confidence, making it easier to forget the pain and behave without limitations or fear.

How Body Image Issues Influence Self-Destructive Behaviors in Women

Women with body image issues are likely to develop eating disorders or other self-destructive behaviors in an attempt to change the things they hate about themselves or to “punish” themselves for their flaws. Excessive exercise, dangerous weight loss methods and eating disorders are all common behaviors in women who struggle with body image issues. Feeling unattractive and having low self-esteem can push a woman into dangerous self-destructive behaviors. To aid in weight-loss, many women turn to stimulants, laxatives and other drugs in order to fuel their energy levels and suppress their appetite. This not only raises a serious physical health concern, but also increases the risk for numerous psychological health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Getting Help for Drug Abuse Resulting from Body Image Issues

An individual’s self-esteem plays a key role in every aspect of the individual’s life. How individuals think and feel about themselves determines how they treat themselves and conduct their lives. If a woman’s body image destroys her self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth, she will have no reason to believe she can ever amount to anything or be of value to anyone else. Self-destructive behaviors, like drug and alcohol abuse or eating disorders, only mask the real problem, which is the poor body image or self-esteem issue. Women who seek professional help for a drug abuse or eating disorder problem often find out that their self-destructive behavior is caused by underlying issues related to body image and self-esteem issues. With professional help, women can address these issues early and prevent the many dangerous consequences of heavy drug abuse or addiction. Women struggling with body image issues and drug abuse can find treatment help that will allow them to heal and create positive life changes that provide for a happy and healthy life.

Professional Help for Drug Abuse Resulting from Body Image Issues

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