Does Yoga Really Boost Recovery from Addiction?

Does Yoga Really Boost Recovery from Addiction?

Yoga Boosts Addiction

Yoga has been one of the leading forms of exercise for decades, and now it has been incorporated into the lives of people who are recovering from addiction. Many rehab centers offer yoga as a therapeutic medium for individuals attempting to get sober from drugs and/or alcohol, and the benefits have been outstanding. While results depend of the type of person that is participating, yoga can be a life-changing exercise that helps promote sobriety and prevent relapse. Consider this exercise to stay sober from drugs.

How Yoga Boosts Recovery from Addiction

When in addiction recovery, individuals must put all of their focus on activities that keep them sober, especially as they begin to integrate back into everyday life. Incorporating yoga into your routine can boost your chances of success at this stage, particularly because it offers any of the following benefits (among others):

  • Yoga improves physical health – Staying physically fit can make a world of difference for someone in addiction recovery. Yoga allows people the opportunity not only to keep fit through exercise, but also to stay healthy by adopting a healthy diet.
  • Yoga helps psychological health – Like other forms of exercise, yoga promotes strong psychological health. Participating in this activity not only helps alleviate stress, but it also promotes the release of endorphins that produce positive feelings. Staying happy during addiction recovery can be challenging, but yoga can help boost those emotions on a regular basis.
  • Yoga increases focus – It can be easy to get distracted when in addiction recovery, especially as life continues to move at a fast pace. To counteract the fast pace of life, yoga helps people regain focus, so they can avoid being swept away with the everyday stressors they encounter. It is so important for someone in addiction recovery to minimize and address stress, because these stressors can lead to relapse.

Yoga can boost recovery by helping improve upon physical and psychological health, as well as help people refocus on recovery. If you need help overcoming addiction, consider participating in yoga.

Experiential Therapies and Addiction Recovery

Yoga is just one of many experiential therapies that can be conducted during addiction recovery, but people can seek additional therapies if they dislike yoga. Recovering addicts can utilize other activities, such as equine therapy, art therapy and wilderness therapy, in an effort to stay sober. For some users, getting hands on with recovery is the most beneficial action they can take, as results such as those listed above can come from it.

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