Dangers of Using Marijuana to Manage Eating Disorders

Dangers of Using Marijuana to Manage Eating DisordersMarijuana abuse is a dangerous problem that afflicts thousands of people each year. Each person uses marijuana for his own reasons; some use the drug as a way to manage an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia. While marijuana may increase your hunger and encourage you to eat, abusing the drug is an unhealthy way to manage an eating disorder. With time, marijuana will only magnify your eating disorder, as well as create many other problems in your life. If you have been abusing marijuana to help an eating disorder you should get help today.

Dangers of Marijuana Abuse

The most pressing danger of marijuana abuse is that it causes delayed reactions, which can lead to accidents, bad judgment and other dangers. Having an accident as a result of marijuana abuse can result in bodily injury, monetary damages and even death. If you cause an accident and are found to be under the influence of marijuana, you will be at fault for the accident, which may lead to charges of involuntary manslaughter or a lawsuit from the other party. You can also become addicted to marijuana, which could cause you to lose your family, job and eventually will cost you your life if you do not receive professional addiction treatment.

Link between Marijuana Abuse and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia are mental disorders that can be treated with therapy, but self-medicating them with marijuana complicates the situation. Even if you are receiving professional therapy for an eating disorder, abusing marijuana will make it more difficult for the therapist to treat your eating disorder properly. While you are high on marijuana you may not feel the effects of your eating disorder, but when you come down you may succumb to your eating disorder once again. When sober marijuana abuse may intensify the symptoms of an eating disorder.

Help for Marijuana Abuse and Eating Disorders

No matter how bad you think it is, you can get help for your marijuana abuse and eating disorder. At our toll-free helpline, we want to help you with your addiction and eating disorder, and we will help you find the best type of treatment available for your problems. Call us now and let us tell you about Dual Diagnosis treatment, a unique treatment designed to treat marijuana addiction and eating disorders at the same time. We will be standing by 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction treatment and to direct you to an effective treatment center to help you.