Are Process Addictions Medically Recognized?

Are Process Addictions Medically Recognized?

Process addictions can form around any behavior, like shopping, cleaning, running, sex, hoarding or eating

The general public often overlooks process addictions, because people do not see these problems as real addictions; however, as more research surfaces, more people recognize that process addictions are just as real and powerful as drug and alcohol addictions are. Just like substance abuse, process addictions can tear someone’s life apart and take from him everything that he holds dear. Luckily, process addictions not only as dangerous, but also as treatable as a drug addiction is. In other words, if you suffer from a process addiction, then therapy and treatment can help you move past your addiction and address the problems in your life.

What Is a Process Addiction?

A process addiction, also referred to as a behavioral addiction, means someone suffers from a compulsive behavior that interferes with everyday life. The chemical responses in a process addict’s brain are similar to those responses in the brain of a drug addict, but the difference is that process addicts are not hooked to a drug. Instead, process addictions can form around any behavior, like shopping, cleaning, running, sex, hoarding or eating. Because process addictions often involve behaviors that are necessary for day-to-day life, treatment for a behavioral addiction can be increasingly difficult to find, because there is no way to avoid some of the questionable behaviors—drug addicts can avoid substance abuse, but food addicts cannot stop eating.

How to Treat a Process Addiction

Many people put off treating a process addiction, because they will not admit that they have a problem, but you should seek help if behaviors of your process addiction damage your life. If you do not get treatment for a process addiction, then it will continue to get worse until you reach out for proper care. Process addictions can cause cravings or desires for a certain behavior, and it can be difficult for users to resist those urges unless they seek professional treatment. Process addiction treatment can help you understand how your addiction started and how you can put an end to it.

Do You Suffer from a Process Addiction?

If you suffer from a process addiction, then stop ignoring your problem and call our toll-free helpline today to get the help you need. Our admissions coordinators are here for you 24 hours a day to give you information about process addictions, treatment for them and to let you know if your health insurance will pay for rehab. Call now with any questions you have about your addiction, because in doing so you can find the quality care you need to overcome addiction.